Happy Hens Lay More Eggs!

1 Cup daily per 8 birds
Floor Space 1-1.5 sq. ft. per bird
Feeder space 2-3" per bird
1"-1.5" wooden dowel
10" per bird for roosting at night
An additional light source should be timed
to add 4 hours of day light in the winter months.
Chickens are social animals so please buy in sets
Classes will be avaiable so check back soon!

Varieties available on March 21 pickup
Dominique Female
Silver Laced Polish Standard *
Buff Orpington Female
Delaware Female
Golden Buff Female
New Hampshire Red Female
Silver Laced Wyandotte Female
Easter Egger Female
*limited quantity
Varieties available on March 14 pickup
Easter Egger Female
Barred Rock Female
Delaware Female
Dominique Female
Rhode Island Red Female