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Golden Buff Adult Laying Hens

$19.99 each

Brown Egg Layers & Winter Hardy Birds!

Peep/Chick/Pullet Pricing:

1 day-2 weeks $5.99

2-4 weeks $6.99
4-6 weeks $9.9
6-8 weeks $12.99
8-10 weeks $14.99

10-14 weeks $17.99
14+ weeks $19.99

Hens begin laying eggs at approximately 22 weeks.

Black Australorp

Docile, Calm Birds;  Cold & Heat Hearty

White Plymouth Rock

Very Cold Hearty; These birds are named after the first rock the Pilgrims stepped on.

Golden Laced Wyandotte

Distinct looking birds; Docile and Cold Hearty

Silver Laced Wyandotte

Fast to Mature; These birds are named after a Native American tribe (Wendat).

Easter Eggers

Active, Friendly birds; Their eggs range from olive green to turqouise in color.

Did you know?:

Happy hens lay more eggs!

Here is a quick list of what you can do to make sure your girls are staying as healthy as they can be!

Water:  1 cup daily per 8 birds

Space:  2-3" of feeder space per bird; 1-1.5 sq. ft. per bird of floor space.

Perches:  1-1.5' wooden dowel; 10" per bird for roosting at night

Light:  Add additional light in the winter months with a heat lamp.  Lighting should be timed to add four hours a day during colder months.

Chickens are social animals, so please buy in sets.  Thank you.

Grace Brothers is your source for everything you need to keep chickens in your own bacyard!*

We offer:

  • Hand-Crafted Nesting Boxes & Chicken Coops
  • Wood Shavings & Straw Bales
  • Adult Laying Hens & Baby Chicks
  • Feed:  Coventional, All Natural, Organic
  • Feeders and Waterers
  • More Seasonal Supplies as well!

*Check your city's ordinances to make sure it is legal to keep chickens where you live.

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